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Sensory Foil Blanket

Sensory Foil Blanket

Our sensory foil blankets have endless uses for helping your little one explore, develop and learn through play!

Approximately 210cm x 130cm in size and CE Quality Marked. Stretchy material.

Some Activity Ideas:
-Use it as a tummy time play mat to help keep your little one busy as they wriggle around on it.
-Add colourful or reflective objects on top of it to encourage exploration.
-Use it in a themed play day e.g. Antarctica- use it as an 'ice' sheet blanket and add snow themed objects or even real ice cubes for little one to explore.
-Place it in the bottom of a water tray.
-Make a play den out of it.
-Scrunch it up with your little one and listen to the rustling sounds together.
-Shine a torch on it in a dark room to develop eye tracking and coordination.

  • Safety

    Disclaimer: These are sensory aids, to be used with an adult. They are not toys and full adult supervision is required at all times.

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