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Sensory Wooden Rainmaker Toy

Sensory Wooden Rainmaker Toy

Immerse yourself in soothing sounds and awaken your senses with our rainmaker toy. Tip, shake or roll the sound stick to soak up the sensation of rain droplets on your windowsill. The vibrant colours of our rainmaker beads fascinate little ones as they gently trickle up and down the transparent tube. Designed with little hands in mind: our rain shaker is the perfect size for petite players.

Sound makers are classic sensory toys that have been enjoyed for generations. Noise makers are great for sensory development: they also enhance imagination, hand-eye coordination and improve auditory skills. The cute animal detailing of our rain sound maker engages infants and inspires playtime.

All of our toys for toddlers are made using the highest quality materials: for hours of safe and durable fun!

*Clear transparent tube with multicolour beads and interior detail.
*Unique top and bottom design of a rabbit and bear.
*Made using SFC approved wood.
*Painted using non-toxic, water-based paints.
*Sensory toy.
*Helps with the development of fine motor skills.


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